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Hull Thickness Measurements

Caribbean NDT & Inspection Services measures the thickness of boat hulls and other water vehicles, using point-by-point measurements with ultrasonic thickness gages. We use the latest in marine technology to receive a complete picture of the ship’s hull condition. These scans provide an image of the corroded surface to compare directly to visual observations. This service allows us to fix hulls in need of repair and determine the necessary actions needed to get the boat into top-notch conditions.

Flaw Detection on Welding

As part of our inspection services, we offer flaw detection on welding of ship hulls. This inspection technique is non-destructive method. Using ultrasonic energy which is launched into the ship hull near welded area, the signals are reflected and analyzed to find any defects and characterize them. Various types of welds can be inspected, including butt, fillet, corner, t-welds, single v and double v welds, and more. Comparison of waveforms displays defects and we can then determine the necessary repairs.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic particle inspection services from Caribbean NDT & Inspection Services are quick, uncomplicated, and give an indication of defects immediately. It is an economic and effective method of inspection which works well for any size boat. This type of inspection is non-destructive and detects subsurface discontinuities in iron, cobalt, nickel, and their alloys. These particles are then attracted to an area where flux leakage is present, and results are used to determine the cause and take the necessary action.

Vacuum Testing of Welds

Vacuum testing is used to check for any leaks or other faults in the welds on large marine vessels. The pump attached creates a vacuum in the vacuum box which causes bubbles to show on soap water that has been applied on the weld. This method is used widely to detect leaks and other defects in the bottom plates of ships and tanks.

Pressure Testing

Caribbean NDT & Inspection Services performs pressure testing by filling the vessel being tested with liquid, bleeding air out, and pressurizing the area. This method is safe for both the boat and the technician because it only expands a small amount if the test area is to fail. Water and oil can be used, but water is the preferred medium for these tests.

Certification of Welders

We also offer a certification program for welders who want to break into the industry and prove their skills. After participant completes a series of necessary tests in each applicable area of welding, Caribbean NDT & Inspection Services gives the welder official certification that has the potential to be used in a position with our company or to bring into any welding career.

Welding Inspection

Welding inspections are important because there is no way to build a boat without them. The welding needs to be done correctly for the boat to hold together and carry out its maximum lifespan. Our surveyors are aware of common defects involving slag inclusion, flux, and by-products. Porosity in older welds or welds created improperly also cause a problem. Our team will ensure that any defects are reported so that the proper repairs can be carried out.

Quality Assurance & Control

Caribbean NDT & Inspection Services performs quality assurance tests of many types to catch any flaws at an early stage. These tests and inspections ensure that boat owners receive a quality product and help prevent serious damage and repairs. When an error or defect is found, we notify the appropriate individuals who can correct the problem as soon as possible.

Steel Condition Surveys

Caribbean NDT & Inspection Services, we know schedules and budgets are important and arriving at a docking station to discover additional steel renewals and coating repairs are necessary would be inconvenient. Our steel condition survey services help alleviate the possibility of things like that happening. Each report will offer meticulous details including drawings, photographs, steel renewal specifications, and coating requirements that explain any necessary repairs.

Close-up Surveys

Our team of expert technicians performs close-up surveys on large and small boats. These surveys look for minute details and flaws, both cosmetic and structural, so that even minor repairs can be made immediately to avoid costly and extensive repairs in the future.

Marine Surveying

Our team performs marine surveying as a method of detailed inspection for your boat. The goal of this service is to determine current condition and seaworthiness. Safety is of upmost importance, so we ensure the vessel is safe to use in the conditions it was designed for. Taking advantage of professional marine surveying can make sure you stay afloat physically and financially. Wind, rain, and other natural elements can be dangerous to a boat’s inhabitants, but this service will offer you peace of mind.

Radiographic Film Interpretation

Caribbean NDT & Inspection Services interprets radiographic film to determine discontinuities in the boat’s typical material structure. It also detects general welding discontinuities, such as a cold lap, porosity, cluster porosity, incomplete fusion, and many more conditions. This service will help correct and prevent problems with specific areas of your boat.

Commercial Work

Caribbean NDT & Inspection Services does commercial work for many clients in the Tunapuna, Trinidad area. We are always excited to work with new companies who employ marine vessels to carry out their business. Contact us to learn more about how we can work with you and your boats.

Emergency Service

Our team knows accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and serious repairs can come seemingly out of nowhere. That’s why we offer emergency service. Caribbean NDT & Inspection Services will answer you call and get to you to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Onsite Services

Need an inspection, but can’t come to us? We also offer onsite services to our customers. Make an appointment with one of our technicians and we will get out to your location to ensure your boat is ready for the water.

Service Calls

We also offer service calls to make repairs at your location. When you contact our team, we will schedule an appointment in the near future to make the repairs you need. We always give you an accurate estimate of both time and cost for the service you need.

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